We are always eager to welcome new teammates, officials, volunteers and supporters! Whether you know how to roller skate or not, roller derby is for all profiles, all sizes and shapes, all ages and backgrounds, everyone is welcome to come and contribute in their own way! 


Would you like to join the team?

Twice a year we organise "Freshmeat Days", which are a mandatory step if you'd like to play with us. Roller derby is for all sizes and shapes, all ages and backgrounds so don't be shy and give it a go! We'll be right by your side to skate you through it! 

You'll learn the basics of roller skating and roller derby and get the chance to work your way up the ladder and play in our teams.

If you'd like to suscribe for the next "Freshmeat Day", send an email to nursing.brusselsrollerderby@gmail.com and they'll be sure to let you know about the next session! 


« Referee », « officials », « troopers », … are the referees without whom any roller derby game wouldn’t be possible !

They are split in two categories : NSO (non-skating officials) and SO (skating officials).

During a game, they are at least 16 : 7 SO and 9 NSO. We absolutely need them to ensure safety on all events!

During a game, officials penalize players when they commit a foul, count the points scored by the jammers, report all these occurrences on official paperwork, manage the “penalty box”, indicate when jams start and stop… Their role is to ensure that the rules are respected, both on and off the track in order to make our sporting events fun to everyone !

Hence, with or without roller skates, you can get involved in roller derby in Brussels and join our league ! We are constantly recruiting officials, and can train them if needed. If you’re interested, please send an email to: