Brussels Roller Derby is the Brussels « feminine » Roller Derby league, open to all womxn (cis- and trans-gender), non-binary- and intersex persons (18+). 

The league was created in 2011 by several players who were determined to implant roller derby in the Belgian capital. Roller derby is a sport "by the players, for the players" and our league is self-managed. Today we have around 50 members who all actively participate in the life of the league through one or several of our committees, such as the Coaching, Event or Finance, etc... We are also active members of the Rainbow House in Brussels.

The league is made out of  two teams, the Pixies (A team) and their baby sisters, the Atomium Kittens (B team). The Pixies (A team) are officially part of the WFTDA since 2015.

WFTDA, Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is the international governing body of women’s flat track roller derby representing more than 450 leagues on 6 continents. The mission of the WFTDA is to govern and promote the sport of flat track roller derby and revolutionize the role of women in sports. As any worldwide organization, the WFTDA can only exist and function for and through its members : the leagues.

The main tasks of the WFTDA are :

- Writing the rules of women's roller derby
Validating games and establishing rankings
Organizing the championship of women's flat track roller derby
- Establishing, preserving and applying the values of roller derby
Setting the international standard for safety and its application during games

To learn more about the WFTDA don't hesitate to visit their website :



Each game lasts for 1h and is divided into 2 x 30mn periods

Each period consists of multiple jams which last for maximum 2mn

For a jam, each team features 5 players : 3 blockers, 1 pivot and 1 jammer


The pack is defined as the largest group of blockers from both teams skating within proximity (3m max)


One whistle blow indicates the begining of the jam, 4x4 whistle blows indicates its end

The 1st jammer to clear the pack becomes the lead jammer and can end the jam at any time

Points are scored by the jammers by lapping the opposing team members legally

Blockers prevent the opposing jammer from scoring and assist their own jammer through the pack


Jammer - Helmet cover with a star.

The Jammer is the one scoring points by lapping the opposing team members. She may transfer her position mid jam by passing her helmet cover to the pivot. She then becomes a blocker.

Pivot - Helmet cover with a stripe.

The pivot is a blocker who can be designated as a jammer during a jam.

Blocker - No helmet cover.